Preprocessing Services

Reinforcing bars

Steel meshes 6-12 mm, #100-200 mm
Mesh size: max. 2500 x 7000 mm
Column reinforcements
Rebar cross-cutting and bending

Water cutting

Water Cut ByJet Classic L8030 Basics
2 heads, pump ByPump Ultra+
Plate size: max. 3000 x 8000 mm
Plate thickness: max. 200 mm

Laser cutting

Sheet size: 2500 x 8000 mm

Thermal cutting

Plasma MultiTherm® 4600
1 plasma head
Source: Hypetherm HPR400XD
2 oxygen heads
Plate size: 3300 x 22000 mm
Plate thickness:

max. 50 mm plasma cutting
max. 200 mm oxygen cutting


Plate thickness: max. 30 mm
Force: max. 600 tons
Plate length: max. 7000 mm

Shot blasting and protective coating

Shot blasting SA2.5: roughness 50 -75µ
Coating: epoxy or zinc silicate 15 -25µ
Plate thickness: 4-50 mm
Width: max. 3300 mm
Length: max. 17000 mm
Steel profiles: max. 500 x 500 mm
Length: max. 17000 mm

Hot-dip galvanizing

Bath size: depth 3 m x width 1.6 x length 13 m
Unit weight: max. 5 tons

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